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    Check in

    Reservation number

    Once the reservation is made and payment has been successfully processed, a booking confirmation email will be sent to your email containing your reservation details.

    Collecting your key

    We do not have a reception.  On arrival please get your key from the electronic key box that can be found adjacent to the first car park, approximately 4 metres to the left of the main entrance.
    It looks like this:

    Please enter the last 4 digits of the phone number used to make your booking or, if no number was provided with your booking, the last 4 digits of your reference number, followed by the # key to get your key.

    These numbers can be found in your confirmation email.

    If you do not have your reference number

    • Call the office 9381 7555 (Maria) or a/h 0430 224 222 (Mark).
    • Try the last 4 digits of your phone number
    • If no answer, call the Onslow Manager, Neil or Emily, 0408 886 678

    Room number and location

    Your apartment number will be written on your key.  To find out more on where your apartment is located, please refer to the building plans located at the main entrance door.

    Returning your key

    At the end of your stay please lock the apartment and return your key by dropping it in the electronic key box slot (where you collected the key).

    Any problems?

    Please call the Onslow Manager, Neil or Emily, 0408 886 678.